An Atlanta Original

Krazy Vatos Lowrider Car Club

Representing the East Coast lowrider raza
It all started as a Krazy Idea:  passion, familia, good people and team work to make dream cars come alive.
The purpose of the club is to build and enjoy lowriders. We are a club of 100% street lowriders… KINGS OF THE STREET!  We look for any excuse to hit a cruise: weddings, birthdays, proms… even just a weekend!  Give us a reason and we're ready to cruise.
We are a community-based club affiliated with the West Georgia Elves aiming to raise funds to help families in need.

Through our carshows and events, we hope to grow our club and help out our community while doing what we love.

Lowrider Culture

What We Do

We build what we drive. We drive what we build.

From show stoppers to high hoppers... we've been building them as long as we've been driving them. A lot goes into these rides, and a lot goes into keeping them on the road.
We take a lot of pride in this work. These paint jobs don't happen overnight... but we've been perfecting this craft over the years to make our cars stand out in a way that is totally their own.
After the build is complete and the paint is dry... we hit the streets! These works of art are made to be seen... and we love to show 'em off!